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World Mission Sunday 2021– 24 October, Quotes, Sayings, Status & Greetings

Today is 24th October World Mission Sunday Quotes, Sayings, Status & Greetings. We know that Every Year, on 24th October Peoples Celebrate World Mission Sunday in the world. According to Wikipedia Source, the World Mission Sunday is a day set aside for the Catholic Church throughout the world Mission Sunday to publicly renew its commitment holiday of the missionary movement. On this day, Peoples Celebrate the World Mission Sunday in the world.


We know that it is the most Celebration Day of Mission Sunday in the World. Here is a share of World Mission Sunday history, Quotes, Greetings, Text, Photos & more. If you want Mission Sunday quotes & greetings, just read this full article.



World Mission Sunday Greetings:

  1. Let us listen to our spirits because they are the sounds of our consciousness…. Let us celebrate the occasion of Mission Sunday with each other.
  2. On the occasion of World Mission Sunday, let us not forget that God has sent us all here with a mission and we must not forget it.
  3. World Mission Sunday is a reminder that we must support our churches because they are doing good to our society in various ways.
  4. Prayer and sacrifice are what the world needs…. Warm wishes on World Mission Sunday to everyone.
  5. Let us pray generously because it is World Mission Sunday… Let us pray that Almighty always bless us and our churches.

World Mission Sunday Quotes, Slogans & Status:

  1. “On the occasion of World Mission Sunday, let us join our hands to have a life, have a world that we all have dreamt for.”
  2. God is looking for people who are ready to follow him and his mission….. Mission Sunday Images to you.
  3. We must not expect things from God but we must do our jobs well…. Happy Mission Sunday 2021 to everyone.
  4. Wishing you a very Happy Mission Sunday…. Let us pray and work for a happier and better tomorrow for everyone around us.
  5. World Mission Sunday will always remind us that all the churches in this world have a purpose and we must fulfill it.
  6. Mission Sunday is a reminder that we must find a purpose for all our lives to make our lives better and happier.
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