The Day the Music Died 2023: Lyrics, Movie, Song & Singer

The Day the Music Died

The Day the Music Died is celebrated around the world on February 4th. This day is more prominent in the United States. This celebrates every year in the United States. They celebrate this The Day Music Died in many ways. People in the United States celebrate this day in different ways, and people take part in various ways on The Day Music Died. The day celebrates different activities across the country. All of the people are participating in this day in different ways.

The real purpose of celebrating the Day the Music Died in the United States is to alert people. There is a cure for Dying but it costs a lot. There is no profit to it. So the United States celebrates this day seriously. The Day the Music Died Song is celebrated throughout the United States and in other countries.

The Day the Music Died Song & Lyrics 2023

>” Eliminate the scene
It’s illegal now to sing
Outlaws ask the reasons why
The Day the Music Died…”

>” Maybe you might have heard
But no one spoke a word
The day the planet cried
The Day the Music Died…”

>” Each day another dream
Killed by the music scene
All-access was denied
The Day the Music Died…”

”We paid for everything
But back not a single thing
Our talents were all sucked dry
The day music died

”This is make-believe

This is not for real
This won’t last forever
This won’t last at all

The Day the Music Died…”

>” Now imprisoned for my craft
I smile and have to laugh
In my head, the music’s still alive
The day the music died…”

>” As all our hopes were dashed
Seems that all our throats were slashed
How could all our songs survive…”

>” Greedy fat bureaucrats
Care only for sales and stats
Woke up with dollar signs in their eyes The Day the Music Died…”

>” We saw it on T.V.
In all the magazines
We thought the news had lied The Day the Music Died…”

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