National Kite Flying Day 2023: HD Images, Quotes & Wishes

National Kite Flying Day

National Kite Flying Day 2023: HD Images, Quotes & Wishes – Every year on the 8th of February, kite flying is observed. We are mixing our past with the soil day by day, but our responsibility is to hold onto our past day and see what our prism is. This day is celebrated as a day of blowing a fly to inform our prism. When you fly a kite in the sky, you have a different feeling. Your mind, your hand line, your doe Then everything in your body becomes a liberated consciousness.

The story of the kite didn’t just stop here. The story of this unknown kite originated in China. They made the kite with various tools. They used the kite as a war tool. A famous mathematician used to think of this kite as a toy for children, but his pursuit did not stop there.

The achievements of Icarus and Daedalus were tried again after 140 years by the German engineer Lilienthal and the Austrian Hargrave. Hargrave first launched a man in the air with the help of this device and did not stop at the achievement. No. He surprised everyone by making a parachute for flying people in the sky from this kite.

National Kite Flying Day 2023

What do you mean by blowing a kite? We are not answering the question. You find a good place. Then you make a kite with good paper and fly it in the sky. Then you need a lot of wind in a good place. Without the wind, you cannot fly a kite in the sky. The kite is called the other way. After you fly the kite, pull the lid in your hand. If you want to play games with a kite then you will play but you will never land a kite at the airport. Due to this the aircraft has to provide obstacles when landing. After that, the road will not be lifted to the top of the lake. So enjoy your life by flying the kite after you leave the vacant lot.

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