National Avocado Day 2022 / (31 July), Quotes, Status & Sayings

National Avocado Day 2022 / (31 July), Quotes, Status & Sayings! Today’s National Avocado Day collection is now available here. Today is the United States Biggest Festival Avocado Day 2022.


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National Avocado Day 2022


When is National Avocado Day 2022?

Every Year is celebrated annually on July 31th Avocado Day 2022 In the United States. This is a very popular Special celebration day in The US.


National Avocado Day 2022 Quotes:

  1. “English muffins with avocado is one of my favorite breakfasts… – Mia Hamm
  2. “I do love my avocados, which are great for the skin. I eat pretty healthfully… – Mary-Louise Parker
  3. “The avocado is a food without rival among the fruits, the veritable fruit of paradise… – David Fairchild
  4. “Three days a week and I’m home at the ranch in Fallbrook with my avocados. – Martin Milner
  5. “Avocados, it’s a food that ain’t worth injuring yourself for. If it’s a hassle to get into, leave it to the experts… – Karl Pilkington…
  6. “If you have nothing but love for your avocados, and you take joy in turning them into guacamole, all you need is someone to share it with… – Jason Mraz
  7. “I suppose there are people who can pass up free guacamole, but they’re either allergic to avocado or too joyless to live… – Frank Brun
  8. “We don’t care if these girls want to eat their men. That’s the Piranha Man’s problem. We just want the avocados… – J. F. Lawton


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