Ada Lovelace Day 2023: 20+ Quotes, Live Activities & Images

Ada Lovelace Day

Ada Lovelace Day 2023: 20+ Quotes, Live Activities & ImagesWhat is Happy Ada Lovelace Day is a Celebration in the world. It aims to increase the profile of women in STEM and, in doing so, create new role models who will encourage more girls into STEM careers and support women already working in STEM. Ada Lovelace Day is an international celebration of the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering, and (STEM).

Ada Lovelace Day Activities:

Our compeer once again will be geek songstress and one-third of Festival of the Spoken Nerd, Helen Arney. This year, Ada Lovelace Day Live!  It will be held on Tuesday 10 October 2023, at The IET in London. We have a fabulous line-up of speakers, including astrophysicist Dame Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell, ecologist Dr. Bala Chaudhary, mathematician Katie Steckles, bio-physicist Yolanda Ohene, marine engineer Hayley Loren, chartered engineering geologist Roni Savage, an evolutionary biologist and science communicator Dr. Sally Le Page.

it is now held every year on the second Tuesday of October. It features the flagship Adam Lovelace Day Live ‘science cabaret’ in London, UK, at which women in STEM give short talks about their work or research in an informal.

Konnie Huq, who was Blue Peter’s longest-running female presenter, will be on hand to sign copies of her new children’s book, Cookie and Most Annoying Boy in the world. This is a great opportunity to get some personalized Christmas presents bought early, particularly for daughters and granddaughters!

Ada Lovelace Day Quotes:2023

“That brain of mine is something more than merely mortal, as time will show.” >>Ada Lovelace

“I am much pleased to find how very well I stand work & how my powers of attention & continued effort increase.” >>Lovelace Day UK

“I have my hopes, & very distinct ones, too, of one day getting cerebral phenomena such that I can put them into mathematical equations: in short, a law or laws for the mutual actions of the molecules of the brain (equivalent to the law of gravitation for the planetary & sideral world).” >>Lovelace Day

“I was rather foolish in saying that I did not like arithmetic and to learn figures when I did – I was not thinking quite what I was about. The sums can be done better if I tried than they are.”  >>Lovelace

Ada Lovelace Day 2023 Images:

Lovelace Day

Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace Day Femas Message 2023:

  • “On the occasion of Lovelace Day, let us learn about all the women who have played an “important role in the field of technology, science, and mathematics<<<<<
  • “The occasion of Lovelace Day reminds us to promote women in the fields of STEM. Because they have the potential to shine and make history<<<<<
  • “Wishing a very Happy Lovelace Day 2023 to all the women out there. Who have been successful in science, technology, and mathematics<<<<
  • “Women are no less when it comes to contributing towards science and technology. On the occasion of Lovelace Day 2023, we must thank them all.

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